Tumblr has taught me more about feminism, womens rights, rape culture, slut shaming, mental illness etc, more than school ever had. So don’t you dare tell me this website is a complete and utter waste of time


Dani's Season 9 Rewatch meme
      ~One gifset per episode: 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

make me choose ♡ mothrie asked:

↳ sam winchester or castiel?


Jared bringing Jensen coffee in the mornings

Jared giving Jensen random hugs during the day to annoy him/make him happier

Jared doing silly things just to make him laugh

Jared calling Jensen randomly when they are not together

Jared reading Jensen’s mood easily and comforting him

Jared sharing his candy with Jensen

Jared taking over when Jensen gets nervous

Jared always being there for Jensen to count upon (◕‿◕✿)







The first sip of tea is always the hardest.

that isn’t supposed to be inspirational, I’m just stating it’s fucking nerve-racking waiting for it to touch your lips and potentially having it melt your face off 

There’s always gonna be someone smarter, there’s always gonna be someone better looking, there’s always gonna be someone who works harder. What you have to offer is yourself, so don’t lose it, focus on it and try to bring it out.